About Us

Twin Purples Ice Cream Shop is a business located in front of UM Digos Campus, Digos City. Twin Purples Ice Cream Shop wants to get the heart of the customers and fulfilled the lack of space to have some place to stay during their vacant time. The business plans to give enough placed to their costumer to stay and study while having a cup of their favorite ice cream. The business offers different flavors of ice cream in order to be unique with the other coffee shop that is already established around the city. It also gives free voucher for its entire customer who stays for an hour to make their time more useful especially if they need to run some project research.


                              Products and services

Twin Purple Ice Cream Shop offers a very good quality of ice cream that is suitable for the taste of the millennial generation. In a very reasonable price they can already give you what flavor of ice cream you wanted to eat. They have all types of flavor like chocolate, emotional support animal mango, durian, ube, rocky road, cookies and cream, macapuno and even with leche plan flavor and many more. And in every ice cream of the costumer that will purchase, they can have a 1 hour free wifi voucher.
Twin Purple Ice Cream Shop would give some freebies in their costumer who would love their products and buys it every day. It could be monthly freebies or a Christmas freebies.


To offer a service that is a fulfillment of every individual people that loves the taste of ice cream and take their time as a fruitful and a productive one.
Twin Purple Ice Cream Shop’s mission is to have a healthy, successful company that is a leader in customer service and has a loyal customer following.

              Key to success
1. Establish a business-customer relationship
2. Offers what is needed by the costumer with a suitable quality
3. Reasonable price in every food they want to purchase

The main objective of this business is the customer’s satisfaction that will be fulfilled and offered.